Are You Aware How an Evidence Is Examined?

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Evidences can be in various forms like wills, ID cards, titles and deeds, bank checks, contracts, hand or machine generated documents or it can also be any electronic document. There are few kinds of evidences which may be problematic to examine properly. Certain evidences can be in the form of marks or shredded/burned documents too.

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When such kind of evidences are produced in a court then it is necessary to prove the authenticity of the evidence. People who do this examination uses suitable document examination equipment through which they can decide whether the evidence presented is valid or not. In order to do that the examiner must have the specimen of the original evidence against which it can be suitably compared.

In case any hand-written materials need to be verified then various other written specimen are collected and the examiner will check the flow of writing in different specimen and decide the validity of the evidence. There are few evidences that can be invisible to naked eye, that can be seen through any special kind of machines only.

This kind of analysis is performed by any qualified examiner who may be a member of any well recognized body. The examiner must also have undergone necessary training and knowledge to become a qualified forensic document examiner.

Most of the forensic document examiners work as independent examiner by creating all the necessary infrastructure and facilities. Some of the examiners also work in any public funded laboratories too.

They are aware of various techniques to determine the authenticity of any kind of evidences that can be produced in the court.

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